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Winged Dragon Of Ra

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Winged Dragon Of Ra

Post  Pegasus on Thu Aug 04, 2011 4:40 pm

■This card can be useful with "Self-Destruct Button".
■Use Life Point gaining cards or "Life Equalizer" to gain access to this card's monster destroying effect.
■As the legal "Ra" cannot be Special Summoned, you can use "Monster Reincarnation", "A Feather of the Phoenix", "Herald of Creation", "Pot of Avarice", "Localized Tornado" or other such cards to return it to your hand or deck if it gets Discarded or Destroyed.
■You can quickly send this card to the Graveyard with Foolish Burial and retrieve it later.
■You can use "Trap Monsters" protected with "Imperial Custom" to gain tributes for this card.
■Use "Destruct Potion" or "Mystik Wok" to regain the Life Points used for attack when this card may be Destroyed or a card effect may reduce your Life Points to 0.
■Dark Worlds, X-Sabers, Lightsworns, The Six Samurai, Psychics, and Blackwings can work well with this card as they can swarm the Field and be used for tributes.
■"Evil Hero Infernal Prodigy", "Gilasaurus", "Turbo Booster", "Treeborn Frog", and "Jester Confit" are excellent monsters to use for this card's summon.
■"Supremacy Berry" can be very useful after summoning this card as it often gives you the power to kill 2 monsters and maybe Direct attack for massive damage.
■"Draining Shield" allows you to build up Life Points for either of this card's effects.
■"Enchanted Javelin" lets you gain back Life Points you paid for its second effect almost immediately after you summon.
■You can use "Nightmare Archfiends" with "Owner's Seal" Special Summon 3 monsters to Tribute for this card, which can also work for "Obelisk the Tormentor".
■2 copies of "Life Absorbing Machine" can give you back the Life Points you paid for the effects of "The Winged Dragon of Ra".
■Using 3 copies will increase your Life Points even more.
■Instead of activating this card's effect to gain ATK, equip it with "Heart of Clear Water" to protect it as you use its monster destruction effect.
■Using "Spirit Barrier", you can avoid taking damage from your opponent's monsters.
■Have "Dark Bribe" on the field to protect this card from effects that can destroy it.
■Use "Ancient Fairy Dragon" to gain Life Points to use for this card's destruction effect, or even Special Summon monsters to help Tribute Summon it.
■If both you and your opponent have around the same amount of Life Points before you activate "The Winged Dragon of Ra's" ATK and DEF increasing effect, activate another card effect that increases the ATK of "Ra" and attempt to attack for game.
■With "Healing Wave Generator" on the field with this card you can generate just enough life points to use this card's destruction effect.
■In a Psychic Deck you can use "Telekinetic Power Well" in order to summon three level 2 or lower Psychic-type monsters to fulfill this monsters summoning requirements.
■"Dian Keto the Cure Master" gives you enough Life Points for this card's destruction effect.
■Summon this card using "Hardened Armed Dragon" to protect it from destruction by card effect.
■Use "DNA Surgery" to transform this card into a Psychic monster, then equip this card with "Telekinetic Charging Cell", allowing you to use its second effect for free.
■After destroying your opponent's monsters, you can activate "Giant Trunade" or "Full House" to eliminate their Spells and Traps as well, allowing you to deal a ridiculous amount of damage without fear.
■You can also use "Brain Research Lab", but comes with the risk of dealing damage when destroyed.
■Use "Prime Material Dragon" to both prevent your opponent from using Burn to finish you off after you use this card's effect, and to protect it from card effects.
■Use "Soul Absorption" with "Banisher of the Radiance", "Banisher of the Light", or "Macro Cosmos" to gain Life Points whenever a card is sent to the Graveyard. Be careful, though; if your opponent manages to destroy this card, it will be removed from play.
■Use "Soul Exchange" to sacrifice your opponent's most powerful monster to help clear the field. This can also be helpful to get rid of Stardust Dragon and other similar cards, which can easily get in the way of this card's second effect.
■Use "Power Frame" to make this card have the same Atk points as a monster your opponent controls without the need to decrease your life points to be able to have enough Atk points to stay alive and destroy monsters on the field.




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