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Arcana force 0 the fool

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Arcana force 0 the fool

Post  Pegasus on Sun Jul 31, 2011 2:14 am

■This card can be searched via "Sangan", "Last Will", "Witch of the Black Forest", "Shining Angel","One for One",and "Nova Summoner".
■Use "Second Coin Toss" to increase your chances of getting the effect you want. If you don't get the right one, use "Reversal of Fate".
■Use this card with "Spirit Barrier" to protect yourself from Battle Damage.
■If this card is in attack position you can give control of it to your opponent, with "Creature Swap" for example, to make it an attack target for your monsters.
■Use "Honest" with this card, so you can destroy your opponent's monster and still have this monster on the field.
■If you summoned this card in attack position, you can change it to defense position with cards like "Earthquake", "No Entry!!" or "Zero Gravity".
■"Stumbling" is a good card to use when Normal Summoning this card, as it allows you to use its effect while putting it into Defense Position. "Nova Summoner","One for One", and "Valhalla, Hall of the Fallen" can also summon it in Defense Position.
■The person whose cards are negated against this monster can only remove it using non-targeting effects like Fissure or Torrential Tribute.
■Summon this card while you control "Arcana Force EX - The Dark Ruler" with its heads effect. Shift control of "Arcana Force 0 - The Fool" with "Creature Swap" (as it doesn't target) and attack with "The Dark Ruler" twice to deal 8000 Damage to your opponent.
■You can still set this card and use it as a defense barrier for your Life Points, sort of as a staller like "Spirit Reaper". You can also play "The Sanctuary in the Sky" so your Life Points are safe from monsters who can cause damage even when your monsters are in defense position, like "Ancient Gear Golem".
■This card works great with "Venom Swamp" and "Venom Burn".
■Summon this card and activate "Coat of Justice" to Special Summon powerful "Arcana Force" monster such as "Arcana Force XXI - The World".
■This with his "Tails" effect applied negates all opponent effects that targets it. so even if your opponent activates a card like "Enemy Controller", it will just be negated and destroyed, keeping you life points safe.
■So if you can get this card out in defense with its tails effect, you opponent will have a tough time getting past it, giving you an edge.




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